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Get the currency transfer rates of all currencies from all exchanges today in Bahrain at a single place and compare to choose the best rate. If you want to know accurate exchange rates in Bahrain, you can depend on Arab Local Bahrain. Our information sources are strong and reliable. We believe in giving accurate information about exchange rates and many other aspects about local businesses in Bahrain. No matter whether you want to know Lulu Exchange Rates, UAE Exchange Rate, BFC Exchange Rate, Biieco Exchange Rates, Arexco Exchange Rates, or Alyousuf Exchange Rates, for BHD to INR, BHD to PHP, BHD to PKR, BHD to BDT, BHD to LKR, or BHD to NPR exchange rate or other currency rates, our exchange rates table will help you arrive at the best decision. We keep on updating our site to provide up to date information for our customers. You can rely on Arab Local Bahrain to know about Bahrain exchange rates every day. You can easily access all required information about Exchange Rates in Bahrain through our website

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Asian Currencies
LULU EXCHANGE 192.01 134.90 --- 457.87 536.57 --- --- Feb 05, 06:19 AM
UAE EXCHANGE 192.42 132.74 213.16 434.08 528.12 280.16 34630.48 Feb 05, 06:20 AM
BFC EXCHANGE 191.46 133.32 215.36 446.64 526.09 --- 34530.36 Feb 05, 06:24 AM
Biieco EXCHANGE 192.72 132.45 213.12 --- 526.04 280.06 --- Feb 05, 06:24 AM
Arexco EXCHANGE 192.41 132.09 213.06 432.03 526.02 --- --- Feb 05, 06:25 AM
Alyousuf EXCHANGE 192.48 131.06 213.16 436.02 525.01 280.06 --- Feb 05, 06:25 AM
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